You Can Master Three Dimensional Communication™

Dimension One: Are the messages you exchange with your partner clear and complete?

Dimension Two: Do you and your partner “get” the feelings underneath the words?

Dimension Three: Do you and your partner create emotional safety within and between yourselves?

Im Not Mind Reader

Three-dimensional communication™ creates emotional safety. Willingness to learn it opens the door to secure attachment.

Many couples seek improved communication. You can learn to expand what is possible and positive in your relationship.

“I can’t read your mind, but I need to know your heart.” Ever feel that way? Read Chapter Six, it was written with you in mind.

What are the two most glaring mistakes partners make in thinking about how to work on their relationships? You will be surprised to learn what they are. Read Chapter 10 and the mystery will be solved.   Order now!


What is the “Middle Ground”?

Imagine a place:
• That brings the potential for love and compassion alive within your relationship
• Where you and your partner learn to communicate more productively
• Where understandings can help you resolve discord generated by genuine differences?
• Where natural capacities for sharing can be unfrozen and an atmosphere of emotional safety can flourish

What would you call such a place?
I call it the “Middle Ground.”

If you are looking for help in your relationship you are very likely unable to see this place clearly. Perhaps you’ve seen it but didn’t recognize what you were witnessing. Perhaps you have never—not even within your imagination—had a glimpse of it. This is the Middle Ground.  This book will help you identify the middle ground potential in your relationship and guide you in developing it.  Order now!

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