Marty Babits, LCSW, BCD:  Author, Speaker, Therapist, and Clinician.   

3ae7097bbf23380cccb69f65ac18260dMarty Babits, LCSW, BCD is the Co-Director of the Family and Couples Treatment Service, a division of the Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy located at 1841 Broadway in NYC. He has been working with families and couples for over twenty-five years. His latest book, gives new hope and new tools  to make any relationship better. The author is a regular contributor to the Psychology Today website.

Once upon a time I worked with dyslexic students–children and adults–as a certified reading specialist for the NYC Department of Education. I wanted to understand how family dynamics  influenced a student’s progress in overcoming difficulties in learning, emotion and behavior. This led me to study families’ and couples’ relationships in depth. From there, I developed a focus on couples communication and have been working with couples on improving how they interact for the past twenty-five years. Because many of the clients I’ve worked with have experienced trauma, I’ve become certified in one of the two techniques–its acronym is EMDR–that is recognized by the American Medical Association as effective in treating trauma. I am certified in techniques involving psychodynamic psychotherapy, family and couples therapy, and hypnotherapy.

Aside from my work as a self-help author, I have a private practice on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  To set up an appointment, you can reach me at (212) 665-5995, or contact me here for more information.