"First comes love…then comes Babits….then comes marriage and the baby carriage! This book should be required reading for all beginning couples"

− Suzanne Iasenza, PhD

"Marty Babits has written another excellent book to help both couples and their therapists. I appreciate his addressing of neuroscience to illustrate a goal of treatment: using more logical reasoning (via the cerebral cortex) to better control the emotions (via the amygdala) that interfere with optimal communication."

− Jeffrey B. Freedman, MD

"His realistic directions on reaching the middle ground include seeing issues from the other's point of view, emphasizing the positive, and developing patience . . . Recommended!"

− Library Journal

Ian Kerner, PhD, MFT, NY Times best-selling author of She Comes First:

Talking through an issue with a partner sounds simple, but it can be deceptively difficult. Too often we’re talking at, talking around or talking down. In I’m Not a Mind Reader, Marty Babits provides couples with the tools to deconstruct their approach to communication via three clear dimensions and then reconstruct in a manner that emphasizes compassion, emotional safety and a sense of togetherness. With realistic case studies, quizzes, diagnostics and sample scripts, the net effect of Babits’ three dimensional communication is that we gain the power and mindfulness to talk “through” any situation, big or small, and get to the other side with love, respect and and equanimity.  Written with warmth and compassion,  this book is required reading for any couple who has stared deep into the eyes of their beloved and longed for the words to match, even expand upon, the feeling.