Inside Out – Pixar’s new film shows us how feelings really work

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Today’s guest blogger is Adrienne Glasser, LCSW, RDMT. She is a wonderfully insightful, dynamic and compassionate clinician, certified in working with Internal Family Systems and mindfulness techniques. Her practice is based in NYC.

Adrienne Glasser is the Director of Services at the Experience Wellness Group. She has been helping clients to find their intuitive path towards healing for over15 years. She also leads intensive weekends and trainings for professionals in which she teaches Active Insight and Experiential Therapy theory and techniques.

Adrienne writes:

We all have feelings or internal parts. They talk to us all day long. We hear them at home, at work; each moment is peppered with this, sometimes very opinionated, chatter. Often, our instinct is to shut them up.  From our earliest days, we are taught that feelings are untrustworthy, make us weak and are best, in many situations, dealt with by dismissing them.

If we think of the mind as if it were a ship, many of us treat its parts, our feelings, like mutinous crew members that are trying to usurp the true captain’s power. We do not trust them or give them their due.

But who controls where our mind goes? Which part of us makes the final decisions? Are parts aligned with specific feelings? Or is there some larger aspect of us that references a broader perspective, an appreciative and compassionate way of seeing things?

Pixar’s new film, Inside Out, addresses our relationship to our feelings in a surprisingly sophisticated way.  Read the full post here on



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